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Okay, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been around as I promised I would be….but I swear I have [another] good excuse!

Everyone is okay, but I have been having a whole bunch of issues and running back and forth between the emergancy room and my doctor’s office. They are worried that I have pre-eclampsia [which I had with Monkeypants at the end of my pregnancy] so I have enjoyed all sorts of poking and prodding including, but not limited to, a 24 hour pee test. Just in case you don’t know what that is [I DIDN’T!] it is a lovely experiment in which you have to keep all of your pee from a 24 for hour period in a jug-which you are required to keep in your crisper-then return it to the hospital at which time you are rewarded with a massive amount of bloodtests.

They’re also doing an early gestational diabetes test on me because of some questionable blood work, sending me to a cardiologist because of a heart arrythmia, testing my thyroid, pumping me with iron for newly discovered anemia, and giving me multiple ultrasounds to check up on everyone because of cramping and pain.

In short, I have become a medical guinea pig.

There have been some bright moments in the fog of medical confusion, though. They have moved up our due date to February 29th, 2008…LEAP YEAR!…..So that was good for a couple of Pirates of Penzance jokes. That means that we are 20 Weeks [HALFWAY DONE!!] next Friday the 12th! I am SO RELIEVED!

Also, due to the industrial amount of ultrasounds they’ve given me we were able to find out early that WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! While the thought of teenage girls frightens me to my very soul, I am still glad that we are having another baby. She looks happy and healthy, and ADORABLE by the way.

Another exciting happening on the horizon-next time we get an ultrasound [on Oct. 15th] I think we’re going to get a 4D one which I think is SO EXCITING! Those weren’t around [at least that I had heard of] when Monkeypants was in utero, so it’ll be a whole new fun adventure. We are also getting a bonus video of her squirming around in there, which I honestly think is AMAZING.

We’re still waiting on the results from my battery of tests, so that we can find out which OTHER tests I will be needing, and I’m trying to keep my feet up and relax between doctor’s proddings, which I do SO WELL [*eye roll*]. I’ll keep you posted and I’ll be on here as much as I can, but take pity on a poor and tired pregnant woman when there are long silences between posts.


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