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I’m Sorry….So Sorry

I swear I didn’t mean to be gone that long.  Unfortunately, I was struck down [really, I’m not being over dramatic here] by the horrible plague of hyperemesis.  While I was down I was blind-sided [literally] by headaches, I was then side swiped with cramping of pretty much every muscle in my body from the belly button down.  I am not lying-I had butt cramps.  Monkeypants took immediate advantage of mommy being down and became a wild hooligan, of course-and The Man [poor, poor guy!] became a scavenger.  And what choice did they have?  With no mommy to stop you from ripping all of your pull ups into tiny shreads, how are you supposed to know it is wrong?  And with no wifey to cook and clean for you how else are you expected to eat except throw everything into a large pile on the table for quick and easy rummaging??  My poor boys.  So naturally, I spent many of my “not-as-crappy” hours following my boys around and making sure that the EPA had no reason to visit our home.

It was all letting up, and then I realized that I had become a house. You may not know this but houses are fatigued creatures who move veeerrrry slowly-even from the couch to the computer could take years…luckily for me it took mere weeks, and now I’m back.  Sorry to have been gone so long!

I am going to be writing soon [tonight?] the story about how my husband and I got married-and I’m looking forward to writing an expose of sorts on the elations and pitfalls of buying baby paraphenilia.  Also coming very soon-Maternity Clothes And Me. [Don’t worry I’ll link you up as soon as this is all written.]

See?  I may have been MIA from my dearest blog and reader [I’m pretty sure there’s only one of you], but I was thinking about you the whole time.

And now, for your amusement, a picture of me taken today at exactly 4 months [16 weeks] pregnant.


It’s a house! It’s an elephant! It’s….me-4 Months Pregnant with Baby Number 2.


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